Be Quirky

[adj. informal term: strikingly unconventional]


In a Nutshell ©

 by M.Owles



Christmas - Nuts, Holly, Firelight and Friends


Parties and Pressies?



This year be different, a bit nutty, bizarre, imaginative,

In a nutshell give a totally unique gift, far more memorable than a card.


Send your nearest and dearest an individual and personal message encapsulated in a walnut shell. 


Each nut is hand cracked and individually eviscerated, it's secret message sealed in, then , when it looks just like an ordinary walnut again it is lovingly packed in it's own presentation box before we start processing the next nutshell message. with this guaranteed attention to detail you can be assured you will not get some body elses' nuts.


You want multiple purchases? no problem, each nuts exclusive message will be printed on a strip of paper then carefully folded and put inside an empty shell, which will then be glued closed. A copy strip will be placed in the box with your nut for you to check (Remember to remove it or it won't be a secret)



Who would have imagined that walnuts could be romantic, we have even sent out a proposal of marriage, ( she said yes) and can leave your nut shell open, for you to seal if you want to put an engagement ring inside too.....

 Perfect for Christmas, but just as great an idea for St Valentines day, Halloween or any other special occasion.




Natures Christmas Baubles,

Order hanging nuts for your tree, either have them au natural, mixed silver and gold and natural, or give them to the children to decorate with glitter and cotton wool..? hours of fun, in those run up days to Xmas. and they have jokes in to, so you can have cracking fun this season.


Simple, think up a witty, or personal message, and then let me know what you want to say, remember:

 i.e. Love From; Best Regards; Your Sincerely ; Happy Christmas etc. etc.


If your imagination lets you down then you could choose from my examples listed below.

Ideas for you:

  1. You may be old and wizened but you still do it for me.
  2. I'm nuts about you.
  3. You may think I'm may be right!
  4. By Jove I think we've got it cracked.
  5. And you thought there'd be more to eat in here. Lol.
  6. Your nuts have been nobbled.


Really wicked? You could come up with some personal messages, and then mix them up in a nut bowl and make your friends decide which message most fits which friend, this is not necessarily recommended, and I can take no responsibility for any repercussions if you do decide to follow this route.

Have fun with your nuts this Christmas!


Choose a selection pack of random messages or random naff jokes for bizarre stocking fillers or after dinner fun and frippery from the nut bowl.  (sold in packs of 6 or 10)


Who needs crackers, with our naff cracker jokes in shells, you can crack a joke with your friends over the Port and Stilton, without having to wear the silly hats, think of the landfill? We can provide the environmentally friendly alternative.

All available with or without festive ribbon hangers for decorating the Christmas tree before the big day


Secret Santa? Got the boss this year? Well who would know it was you.....?


  If you choose to purchase a random selection pack (6 or 10) for dinner parties or stocking fillers then you do not need to tell me who they are for, or from,

These product use real walnut shells, they will be Unique, Natural and Environmentally Friendly,


Your message will be sealed inside, so do not un intentionally muddle them up.

Another warning

This product will contain nut traces.






Remember to tell me : Who it's to, Your message ,Who it is from, and how you want to sign off i.e. Love From; Best Regards; Your Sincerely ; Happy Christmas etc. etc.


Just what else can you do with a walnut other than eat it?

Clean answers please ,In a nutshell. 

Contact me, Maxine Owles